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Hall Modernisation

Outline of programme

The village hall committee has recently started thinking about how the hall can serve the community for the next 100 years. 

With the hall being over 100 years old, there are areas that could be improved (eg toilets, kitchen, storage etc), and we all know about the challenges we face in keeping the hall warm in the winter months.

Initially the plan was just to modify the back of the hall, but it has become clear that the opportunity should be taken to look at a larger programme of work and link it in to the planned car park and childrens play area.   

We will update this page as work progresses

  • Stage 1 - Planning (2021 - 2022)
    • Initial plans - in progress with a local architect.  
    • Detailed plans
    • Planning application
  • Stage 2 - Grant funding applications
  • Stage 3 - Building

At this stage we envisage that the plan will take 3 – 5 years dependent on: the planning process; securing the funding; time required to build the hall.  There are many unknowns at the moment so this is an indication of the likely timescale.

Initial plans

Attached is a schematic which sets out some initial thoughts as to what the hall could look like.

Key things to note:

  • Main hall rotated by 90 degrees
  • Main access from rights hand side of hall with link to car park in the rear

This is an initial concept drawing which will change but gives you an early indication of the hall committees thinking.

The next step

The committee will be meeting in January 2022 to discuss the concept and also how to improve pedestrian access from the road. Subsequently, a public meeting will be arranged to seek the views of our community.

Drawing No:  1276/101 Drawing No:  1276/101

Village Hall Development Meeting - Feb 2022 (Presentation and Notes from Meeting)

Presentation File Uploaded: 28 February 2022 3.7 MB Notes from Meeting File Uploaded: 28 February 2022 40.9 KB