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Hiring the Hall

Hire Charges:

  • South Milton Community Event - £20 per session (Morning (until 1pm), Afternoon (1pm - 6pm), Evening (6pm -Midnight))
  • South Milton resident Private Hire - £35 per session
  • Other Hirers / Private Hire - £50 per session (Morning (until 1pm), Afternoon (1pm - 6pm), Evening (6pm -Midnight))
  • Snooker Hall - lights are metered at 50p / 15 minutes

Electricity for the kitchen and for additional heating is metered. The meter takes £2 or £1 coins.

Village Hall Furniture, Glasses, Crockery and Cutlery

A small amount (5 or fewer tables and 20 or fewer chairs) can sometimes be borrowed in return for an agreed donation and a deposit of £10. Suggested donation amounts are £5 per large table, £3 per small table and £1 per chair. Larger amounts of furniture can be borrowed but will be charged at the appropriate rate to hire the hall for the duration. A member of the committee should be present both when the furniture is taken and returned. Donation and deposit must be paid before any furniture is removed. Glasses, crockery, and cutlery may also be hired for a donation on the same terms. Requests should be made via Jenny Brown.

Contact Jenny Brown for details.

01548 562248 or